Tesla Motors

Tesla to offer $1.7 bn in new stock to fund Model 3

19 May 2016

Tesla Motors to probe reports of labour exploitation by vendors

17 May 2016

Apple hires former Tesla engineer

23 Apr 2016

Tesla owners can test autopilot mode for free

20 Apr 2016

Tesla flooded with pre-orders as it unveils Model 3

01 Apr 2016

Pre-bookings open in India for Tesla Model 3

01 Apr 2016

The Model 3 pre-order page lets customers in India book a Tesla by paying $1,000 (roughly Rs66,000), which is refundable in case of a cancellation

Tesla can continue direct sales of vehicles in Indiana

27 Feb 2016

Tesla, GM fight heats up over `GM-backed’ Indiana sales bill

25 Feb 2016

Tesla Motors to receive new sales tax incentives

21 Dec 2015

Tesla has competition from new rivals Faraday Future and NextEV

17 Dec 2015

Tesla Motors in suspected tax dodge manoeuvre

13 Nov 2015

Tesla's per-car loss rises to $19,810 up from $15,975 in prior quarter

04 Nov 2015

Electric car maker Tesla eyes India for ‘gigafactory’

28 Oct 2015

Tesla chief, Elon Musk calls Apple the “Tesla graveyard”

12 Oct 2015

Tesla unveils SUV ModelX

30 Sep 2015

People who want to buy the car would have to pay $5,000 to reserve one for delivery some time well into next year

Tesla Motors to reveal lower-cost Model 3 in March

08 Sep 2015

Tesla Motors’ P85D scores 103 out of 100 in Consumer Reports magazine evaluation

28 Aug 2015

Airbnb to install chargers for Tesla Model S in some rental locations

22 Aug 2015

Audi to take on Tesla with electric car launch

20 Aug 2015

Tesla tests autopilot feature with Model S drivers

19 Aug 2015

Hacker duo demonstrate how they hacked into a Tesla Model S

11 Aug 2015

Tesla announces “Ludicrous Speed” upgrade for Model S

18 Jul 2015

Elon Musk funds Oxford, Cambridge research on safe and beneficial AI

13 Jul 2015

Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who fears AI as "summoning the demon", hopes his research would help develop safer Artificial Intelligence

Tesla loses to Texas dealers over direct customer sales

01 Jun 2015

Elon Musk's Hyperloop rides might be free or very cheap

30 May 2015