Tesla Motors

Worker injury rate at Tesla 31% higher than industry average: study

25 May 2017

Injuries of a serious nature requiring days off work or those that restricted work were almost double at Tesla Motors than the industry average in 2015

Local sourcing norms don’t apply to Tesla, India tells Musk

24 May 2017

The government on Tuesday clarified that the 30 per cent local sourcing norm applies only to retail business and not manufacturers

Tesla may put off India plans over local sourcing worries

23 May 2017

Tesla starts taking orders for solar roof

11 May 2017

Tesla’s first quarter revenue doubles

04 May 2017

Tesla Motors to recall 53,000 vehicles over electronic parking brake defect

24 Apr 2017

Tesla issues voluntary global recall for some Model S and Model X cars

21 Apr 2017

Lawsuit claims Tesla’s Auto-pilot self-driving system flawed

20 Apr 2017

Tesla cuts price of Model S with 75 kWh battery

18 Apr 2017

Tesla overtakes GM, becomes most valuable US carmaker

11 Apr 2017

Tesla’s market value of $50.887 billion exceeded GM's by about $1 million, but remains smaller than that of Japan's Toyota Motor, which has a market value of $173 billion

Tesla overtakes Ford Motor in market value for first time

04 Apr 2017

Tesla shot past Ford Motor Co in market value for the first time and moved close to General Motors,  winning grater investor support than Detroit carmakers

Tesla notches best production and delivery results

03 Apr 2017

China’s Tencent Holdings acquires 5% in US electric car maker Tesla for $1.78 bn

29 Mar 2017

Elon Musk to fix South Australia’s electricity woes in 100 days

10 Mar 2017

Tesla power packs to provide electricity to utility cooperative in Hawaii

09 Mar 2017

Female employee levels sexism allegations against Tesla

01 Mar 2017

Tesla Model 3 may be coming to India – but at hefty price

10 Feb 2017

Electric car-maker Tesla may launch one of its models in India between June and September 2017, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Elon Musk says

Tesla pulls all stops to start test-building Model 3 on 20 Feb

09 Feb 2017

Tesla has not had a profitable year since going public in 2010, though the company's $41.4-billion market cap now equals that of Nissan Motor Co Ltd, which reported a profit of $4.7

Tesla Motors sues former director of its Autopilot programme Chris Urmson

27 Jan 2017

Tesla boosts battery range of new ModelS to 335 miles

21 Jan 2017

Extending its lead in the all-electric car race Tesla Motors Inc has boosted the battery range for a new version of the Model S sedan to 335 miles per charge

Investigation into fatal crash clears Tesla’s self-driving system

20 Jan 2017

Tesla owner stranded in desert after smartphone app failure

17 Jan 2017

Tesla, Panasonic begin battery production at US ‘gigafactory’

05 Jan 2017

Tesla hikes prices of models sold in UK due to currency fluctuations

23 Dec 2016

Elon Musk has solution to traffic jams: vows to build tunnels

19 Dec 2016