Tesla Motors

Tesla acquires Riviera Tool

07 May 2015

Tesla beats expectations with Q1 revenue of $1 bn

07 May 2015

Once expected to flop, independant electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has pulled off surprising first quarter results

Tesla Motors unveils batteries for homes

02 May 2015

Tesla Motors to unveil home battery on 30 April

25 Apr 2015

Tesla’s Model S tops green cars list - but is far from cheap

21 Apr 2015

Tesla's Model S P85D garnered 94.87 points, almost 10 more than its nearest competitor across 13 categories, including braking, fuel economy, emissions, handling, and ride comfort

Tesla’s model S upgrade packs higher mileage, price-tag

10 Apr 2015

Tesla founder's SpaceX investing $90 mn in SolarCity bonds

01 Apr 2015

Musk’s Tesla may be first off the block with driverless car

21 Mar 2015

Elon Musk says the Model S to be launched this summer can drop you from one parking slot to another one in a distant town without any driver interface. But experts feel this may be oversell

New Jersey governor signs bill to allow Tesla to sell cars direct to customers

19 Mar 2015

Elon Musk revises Tesla's sales strategy in China after dismal 4Q results

12 Feb 2015

Tesla Motors to open sales of mass-market EV Model 3

07 Feb 2015

Google, Fidelity invest $1 bn in Tesla founder's SpaceX

21 Jan 2015

Google and Fidelity have invested $1 billion in SpaceX, in a move that would give Tesla founder Elon Musk's space venture a $10-billion valuation

Google to invest in Elon Musk's SpaceX: reports

20 Jan 2015

With its SpaceX investment, Google expects to gain an edge over rivals such as Facebook Inc, in delivering internet to underserved regions using satellites

Tesla's Musk to build test track for Hyperloop

19 Jan 2015

Tesla Motors to boost production of electric cars to a few million a year by 2025

14 Jan 2015

Tesla founder Elon Musk's SpaceX fails to land rocket back on earth

14 Jan 2015

Tesla tops electric car sales in December

09 Jan 2015

Tesla Motors working on robotic snake for charging electric cars

02 Jan 2015

Tesla's Elon Musk working on launching satellites for global internet connectivity

10 Nov 2014

Tesla Motor founder Elon Musk is working on a $1-billion plan that involves launching 700 different satellites into space, possibly through his space venture SpaceX

Elon Musk fears “summoning the demon” with AI

27 Oct 2014

Though a leading advocate of cars smart enough to park and drive themselves, Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk has strong reservations about artificial intelligence

Toyota Motor sells share in Tesla Motors Inc

25 Oct 2014

Tesla criticizes Michigan for bill restricting direct sales

18 Oct 2014

Tesla Motors' shares at two-month low as all-wheel drive, Model-S unveiled

11 Oct 2014

Bezos, Musk enter space war

20 Sep 2014

Tesla chief Elon Musk looks to further collaboration with Toyota

09 Sep 2014