Tesla Motors

Lucid Motors reveals technology-packed sedan Lucid Air

15 Dec 2016

Tesla Motors wins shareholders' approval for acquisition of SolarCity Corp

18 Nov 2016

Tesla ends unlimited free charging at Supercharge stations

09 Nov 2016

Tesla chief Elon Musk bullish on solar energy furture

31 Oct 2016

Tesla to offer electric cars fitted with autonomous driving hardware

21 Oct 2016

German regulator bars Tesla from advertising Autopilot function

18 Oct 2016

Tesla Motors, Panasonic Corp to extend cooperation to solar panels

18 Oct 2016

Solar City is building the world’s largest solar panels facility in Buffalo, North America

Hyperloop One raises $50 million in funding from Dubai's DP World

15 Oct 2016

Tesla’s New Autopilot needs more improvement : Consumer Reports

10 Oct 2016

Tesla says it doubled car sales in one year

05 Oct 2016

Tesla files constitutional challenge against car dealerships in Michigan

23 Sep 2016

Tesla fixes security holes after Chinese researchers hack Model S

21 Sep 2016

Tesla Energy to build the world’s largest battery storage facility in California

17 Sep 2016

Mobileye tried to block development of vision capability for cars: Tesla

16 Sep 2016

Tesla Motors to raise funds to develop Model 3 sedan, battery factory

01 Sep 2016

Tesla launches new two-year lease programme for Model S and X vehicles

22 Aug 2016

SolarCity accepts Tesla Motors’ $2.6-bn acquisition offer

02 Aug 2016

The alliance between SolarCity and Tesla, which is also opening the world’s biggest battery factory, would lead to integrated homes that produced power from sunshine that was stored in batteries to charge vehicles overnight

Tesla opens Gigafactory to expand battery production

01 Aug 2016

Musk announces second master plan outlining four major objectives

22 Jul 2016

Florida death puts big question-mark on Tesla autopilot

02 Jul 2016

The death of a person using Autopilot on a Model S has raised questions about Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk perhaps putting on the road a technology that was not fully tested

Musk’s Tesla offers $2.8 bn for his cousins’ SunCity to build clean energy ecosystem

22 Jun 2016

Elon Musk says buying SunCity – of which he is also the chairman – is a ‘no brainer’; yet it is a risky decision as both companies, despite being market leaders, are burning cash, running losses of over $1 billion each over the last two years

US regulator collecting data on faulty Tesla Model S suspension parts

10 Jun 2016

Norway may ban petrol, diesel vehicles by 2025

06 Jun 2016

With 24 per cent of new vehicles being powered by electric drive-trains, Norway already has the highest percentage of electric vehicle market share of any country

Tesla Motors to open Gigafactory in Nevada on 29 July

28 May 2016

Tesla to offer $1.7 bn in new stock to fund Model 3

19 May 2016