Sun-driven Aptera starts online bookings, offers customisation

Aptera, the solar-powered car that can reach acceleration of 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and cover 1,600 km (1,000 miles) in a single charge, is on sale now with the manufacturers announcing the start of pre-bookings. 

Aptera is the first never-charge solar electric vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use and charges itself with the power of the sun.
Its solar system can produce more power than most drivers will ever need, claims its founders.
Drawing less than 100 Wh per 1.6 km for everyday driving, Aptera can go five times farther than other electric vehicles with similar solar systems, making it the most efficient solar electric vehicle (sEV) on the planet, they say.
With an overall length of 4.37 metres, overall width of 2.24 metres and overall height of 1.45 metres, Aptera can accommodate 2 adults and a pet besides a cargo volume of 700 litres.
Customisation options include interior/ exterior colours, enhanced audio that offers extra 3 channels of audio for sound depth and deeper bass, Safety Pilot with level 2 autonomy capabilities, Safety divider and accessories, Integrated tent and rear lawning for camping adventures and with more ground clearance and tougher wheel covers. 
The Aptera is currently available in three exterior colours of Bright White, Warm Silver and Bold Black. For those who are yet to book their Aptera, the manufacturers offer customisation options.  
Range options include 1,600 km. 960 km, 640 km and 400 km with respective price tags of $44,900,  $34,600, $29,800 and  $25,900.
Drive packages include Front-Wheel Drive @ 100 kW, 0-60 mph as fast as 5.5 seconds and All-Wheel Drive @ 150 kW, 0-60 mph as fast as 3.5 seconds. 
Interior colour options include - Coast: Sandy blues, Codex: Earth tones, Vida: Bright coral. 
Exterior color options include: Noir – Black Body, Black Satin Pillars, Black High Gloss Roof; Luna – Silver Body, Aluminum Satin Pillars, Midnight Blue High Gloss Roof; and Sol – White Body, White Satin Pillars, Black High Gloss Roof.
Solar Roof that ensures an estimated 25 km of solar charging daily comes built in. Adding a solar hood will enhance the drive range by an additional 10 km while an additional Solar Rear Hatch onto your rear hatch will ensure up to additional 30 km of solar charging daily.
With this option, Aptera also allows customers to pick custom colors for interior and exterior at a later date, which the manufacturer will announce later.