ADB honours Suzlon's Tulsi Tanti with 'Wind Visionary of Asia' title

Tulsi R Tanti, chairman and managing director of Suzlon Energy LimitedThe Asian Development Bank (ADB) has conferred Tulsi R Tanti, chairman and managing director of Suzlon Energy Limited, with the title of `Wind Visionary of Asia'. The award was presented at an international consultation - `Quantum Leap in Wind Power in Asia' - held at the ADB headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.

The award is in recognition of Suzlon's commitment to building the case for wind across the world and highlights a decade of tremendous work in key markets of Asia, ADB said in a release.

The ADB also honoured the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Government of China and the Government of India with the recognitions for their commendable work in the field of wind power in Asia.

Wind power is poised to simultaneously address the three challenges of energy security, climate change and access to energy for all. "The ADB would like to explore options to support a quantum leap in wind power development in Asia, to provide reliable, adequate and affordable energy for inclusive growth in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable way. ADB would like to support over 1 GW wind power to be developed in the next five years with total investment of over $1 billion from ADB and others and contribute to reduction of over two million tonnes per year of CO2," said Jitendra Shah, advisor, Regional Sustainable Development, ADB.

Speaking on the occasion, Tulsi R Tanti said, "I am deeply honored by this award - but in reality the achievements it recognises are those of the entire Suzlon family - more than 13,000 of us - and I dedicate this award to each and every one of them."

"Asia needs a low carbon economy and more - low-cost energy. It is these things, which will deliver sustainable growth - growth, which can act as both a catalyst for - and contributor to - the global economy. Indeed, such sustainable growth will also result in green collar jobs and support us in the mission to halt climate change. Asia has huge potential. Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it is the only solution to the clear and present danger of climate change, and in fact the only way forward to securing a cleaner, greener and safer planet for generations to come," he added.