Hospitality operators to cut food waste by 5%

Dozens of fast food restaurants, pubs, hotels and caterers in the UK today signed an agreement to cut waste from food and packaging by 5 per cent, or the equivalent of a 100 million meals, before the year 2015.

The pledge, Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, would also to see key hospitality and food service firms increase the recycled amount of food waste and waste packaging converted into green energy by 70 per cent.

Among the early signatories to the new agreement are large, small and medium-sized outfits including Cafe Spice Namaste, McDonalds, Greggs, Adnams Brewey, and Green King.

This agreement has been fully supported by the governments of the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales - countries that would also be encouraging their own caterers to slash waste.

According to  WRAP, the government-run waste body and coordinator of the agreement, if 25 per cent of the hospitality and food industry signed on the dotted line for the commitment, measures brought in could help save businesses £76 million before the end of the year 2015.

Further, savings of 570,000 tonnes' worth of carbon dioxide emissions per year would also be effected.