Supreme Court to hear all pleas on demonetisation today

02 December 2016
The Supreme Court will hear today all pleas, including the transfer petition filed by the Union government on the demonetisation of Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes.

 The Centre had submitted an affidavit last week on the demonetisation move in the Supreme Court, saying it is an attempt to unearth black money stashed over the last seven decades.

Attorney general Mukul Rohatgi said that the centre had filed a reply in the Supreme Court in compliance with the top court's earlier order on the issue.

"We have filed the report starting from the initiation of SIT (Special Investigation Team) and all other issues which could be the affect of demonetisation process," Rohtagi told ANI.

The Centre in its affidavit told the apex court that demonetisation is a step to reduce ratio of cash transactions, adding the objective is to unearth illegal parallel economy.

"Earlier, we constituted SIT to curb black money, amended Benami Act. The people might have to face some inconveniences. Re-calibration of ATMs is in full swing. Crores of fake currency notes have became useless. Funding of terror groups has been stopped," said the affidavit.

Rohatgi had earlier filed a transfer petition before the Supreme Court seeking a stay on all pending pleas against demonetisation.

The Supreme Court had on 18 November refused to put a stay on hearings in various High Courts and lower courts related to the demonetisation of Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes.

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