UP govt to reward small families, discourage large families

The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission on Friday released the first draft of the proposed Population (Control, Sterilisation & Welfare) Bill 2021, which aims to control the state’s exploding population.

The bill provides for incentives to those who have two children or less and disincentives for those who have more than two children.
The draft bill has provisions to debar violators of the two-child norm from benefits of government schemes and limiting ration card units to four. It also proposes to bar them from contesting local body elections, or applying for government jobs.
Those following the two-child norm, on the other hand, would be eligible for incentives like two additional increments during entire service, subsidised purchase of plot or house, rebate on utility charges and 3 per cent increase in EPF under national pension scheme. Besides, there are special incentives, over and above this, for the couple who stop at just one child.
The two-child norm is applicable irrespective of government or private employment as also the unemployed.
Reports citing UP State Law Commission chairperson Justice AN Mittal said there would be no relaxation in cases of polygamy and polyandry.
"Those who are questioning this must know that the government can't invest money of taxpayers on them with more than two children," an India Today report quoted Mittal as saying,
A government employee undergoing voluntary sterilisation will get two additional increments during the entire service and will also be eligible for subsidy towards purchase of plot or house site.
Moreover, he/she will get a soft loan for construction or purchase of house at nominal rates and rebate on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, and tax.
Additionally, there will be a three per cent increase in Employee Provident Fund (EPF) under the National Pension Scheme.
The beneficiary will also be eligible for maternity/paternity leave for 12 months with full salary and allowances among other benefits.
If a government employee undergoes voluntary sterilisation after one child, there would be more  incentives, such as free education up to graduation level for the single child and preference in government jobs. 
The draft bill also proposes a scholarship for higher studies in case of a girl child.
Those who are found to be in non-compliance with the two-child norm will be debarred from taking benefits of government schemes or receiving any kind of government subsidy.
They would be barred from applying for government jobs or contesting local body elections and those already are public servants would be barred from promotions.
Ration cards for a family would also be limited to four units.
There is a provision for  creation of a State Population Fund to implement the revised state population policy. It would also be mandatory to register pregnancy, deliveries, birth and death across the state.
The government has sought suggestions and modifications from the general public within the next 10 days. Chief minister Yogi Adityanath also today released the state’s population policy on World Population Day (11 July).