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Rasna Shake Up launched news
Our Corporate Bureau
29 October 2003

Mumbai: Milk will never be dull again and getting a child to drink his daily quota of milk is not going to be a challenge for a mother anymore. This is a promise that Rasna makes with the launch of Rasna Shake Up, a delightful pre-sweetened milkshake mix powder that will "make milk fun."

Available in three flavours — the all-time favourite chocolate, refreshing mango and lip-smacking strawberry — what is amazing is that while a single serve sachet is very reasonably priced at Rs 3, the six-glass pack is for just Rs 15. So besides being fun, a glass of milkshake has never been so affordable.

What is more, each glass of Rasna Shake Up is enriched with the goodness of proteins, vitamins, calcium, fruit powder and cocoa. Now to ensure that those two glasses of milk get consumed everyday without a tussle, all you need to do is add milk to Rasna Shake Up and, viola, there you are - a delightful glass of milkshake.

Today when almost every child has the soliloquy "I love you Rasna" firmly etched on his mind, with the launch of Rasna Shake Up, Rasna sets out to win the hearts of children in every corner of the country all over again.

Says Rasna chairman and managing director Piruz Khambatta: "Milk in itself is staid and that is why very few children like it. In launching this new product, Rasna is urging the children not to be seedha saadha. Don''t be serious and dull, go on, be mischievous, have Rasna Shake Up which will make milk fun."

Rasna, an Ahmedabad-based company, has made Rasna, into one of the most recognised brands in India. Rasna virtually created the soft drink concentrate market and now is the leader in this category with almost a 90-per cent volume share, making Rasna one of the world''s largest-selling soft drink concentrates. Excellence in product offering, packaging, creative promotions and an extensive distribution network has enabled Rasna to hold the third position in the cold beverages category in India and has made it the 19th most-trusted brand in India.

Dedicated to producing natural, refreshing and most importantly value-for-money products, Rasna, as a mass brand, is affordable to the common Indian man. Besides an extensive network in India, Rasna also has offices in the US, Dubai and Bangladesh and a manufacturing base in the UAE, and it exports to 40 countries across the globe.

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Rasna Shake Up launched