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Rasna''s energy drink Juc-Up launched in Indian markets news
Our Corporate Bureau
10 May 2003

New Delhi: Rasna, the leader in the soft drink concentrate category in India with an 86.9-per cent market share and the only Indian brand in an arena of multinational players, has launched across India the Juc-Up range, a pre-sweetened instant energy drink that is fortified with value-added ingredients like fruit powder, vitamin and glucose.

Juc-Up is the only powder soft drink that contains glucose and has a higher content of fruit powder and vitamins than any other powder soft drink. The launch of this range is a part of the company''s commitment to providing an all-purpose, all-season drink that offers considerable health gain.

The Juc-Up range, supplemented with the nutrition of fruit, is available in five exciting flavours — Alphonso Mango, Rich Pineapple, Coool Nimbupani, Tangy Orange and Jumbo Mosambi. This is the first time that the mosambi flavour is available in the ready-to-mix format. The Juc-Up range is very reasonable with a single serving sachet priced at Rs 2.

While the eight-glass sachet is priced at Rs 15, the convenient 20-glass zipper pack, which can be resealed after use to keep the contents fresh forever, is priced at Rs 36. The Juc-Up range of Rasna has been colourfully packaged with attractive fruit characters highlighted.

Says Rasna Pvt Ltd chairman and managing director Piruz Khambatta: "With the launch of the Juc-Up range we are reiterating our commitment to providing health benefit to our customers. With this range our customers will be able to discover the benefits of fresh fruits, coupled with the energy benefits of glucose. The response to Juc-Up that we have already received has been overwhelming."

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Rasna''s energy drink Juc-Up launched in Indian markets