Kotex Leak Guard launched

Mumbai: Kimberly-Clark Lever Pvt Ltd, a joint venture company between Kimberly-Clark Corporation, USA, and Hindustan Lever Ltd has, launched new Kotex Leak Guard with a longer, wider and smarter leak-lock system with more absorption at the centre of the pad, which prevents staining.

Kotex Leak Guard has new features such as special perforations on the top cover of the pad, which help draw in more liquid easily to the layers below. There are also longer and wider 'cloud-shaped' channels, which help utilise a larger surface area on the pad, thus keeping the surface of the pad drier and more comfortable.

The presence of a softer, non-woven 'cotton-like' cover helps in preventing rashes. Also a rounded shape of the pad makes for a better fit and adhesive strips keep the pad firmly in place. The new packs are available at Rs 20 for a pack of eight and Rs 48 for a pack of 20, making it one of the most economical and best performing pads available in the market today.

Says Rajeev Mohan, managing director, Kimberly-Clark Lever: "The new Kotex Leak Guard not only absorbs more but also lasts longer. Thus, the consumer gets a superior performing pad and high convenience at a highly affordable price."