Google to partner BSNL for Project Loon as Pichai pitches for a bigger India market

17 Dec 2015

Google Project Fi adds support for tablets

16 Dec 2015

Google holds proof of working of Quantum computer

14 Dec 2015

Google claims its quantum computer works

11 Dec 2015

Google claimed the D-Wave 2X was 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines and that the quantum computer could theoretically complete calculations within seconds for a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years

India home to third-largest number of tech startups: Google

10 Dec 2015

Google files patent for device to draw blood without needles

08 Dec 2015

Google CEO Sundar Pichai to visit India later this month

05 Dec 2015

Nadella, Pichai to visit India in December

04 Dec 2015

Google blames bug for search results pushing down Yelp and TripAdivsor

27 Nov 2015

Duke Energy to supply solar power for Google’s North Carolina server farm

27 Nov 2015

Google’s North Carolina server farm to run on solar power from Duke Energy

26 Nov 2015

Doctors use Google Glass to restore blood flow to a patient's blocked right coronary artery

21 Nov 2015

Cardiologists in Poland restored blood flow in the blocked right coronary artery of a male patient assisted by CTA projections on a wearable VR device based on Google Glass

Microsoft, Google offer free Skype, Hangouts calls to France for few days

16 Nov 2015

Google’s new Gmail feature warns users when emails come from an unencrypted source

14 Nov 2015

Traffic police pulls up Google’s smart car for slow driving

13 Nov 2015

Google may start making its own Android handsets

13 Nov 2015

Google entering the handset space could push other manufacturers to make better devices, but it could also strain Google’s relationship with OEMs like Samsung

Google open-sources AI engine of its core services

10 Nov 2015

Google exposes vulnerabilities in Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone

04 Nov 2015

Hard hit by e-retailers, Google ends GOSF

04 Nov 2015

Flipkart hires Google exec to head consumer experience

04 Nov 2015

Surojit Chatterjee, who has 33 US patents to his name, most recently was the global head of mobile search advertising and adsense for search at Google

Google in project to give India internet via balloon

03 Nov 2015

Google aims to launch drone delivery by 2017

03 Nov 2015

Symantec slammed by Google over fake security certificates

31 Oct 2015

Microsoft launches Chrome add-on for quick access to Office Online apps

30 Oct 2015

Google’s Project Loon to launch 300 balloon next year in bid to encircle the globe

29 Oct 2015