Google appeals against French decision on 'right to be forgotten' globally

20 May 2016

Google patents sticky technology to protect pedestrians hit by self-driving cars

19 May 2016

New Google camera makes copying artworks a snap

18 May 2016

Using what it calls the Art Camera, the Google Cultural Institute has scanned 1,000 works of art in record time and is now making the camera available to other cultural institutes, including in India, for free

Google to phase out support to Flash Player in Chrome browser

16 May 2016

EU antitrust regulator to fine Google record €3 bn for manipulating search results

16 May 2016

European antitrust regulators plan to impose a record €3-billion fine on Google in the days ahead for abusing its dominance of the online search market

Google to not display payday lenders' ads

12 May 2016

Google considering black links for search results

11 May 2016

US regulators seek information about security updates for phones, software from technology majors

10 May 2016

Oracle, Google to face each other in legal battle over APIs

09 May 2016

If the dispute over API packages Google uses in the Android mobile operating system were to go Oracle's way, Google could end up owing the software giant up to $9 billion, far surpassing any other copyright verdict

Google Maps may soon need permission to depict India

06 May 2016

Idea ties up with Google Play for card-less purchases

06 May 2016

Idea Cellular and Google have announced a partnership to enable more than 175 million subscribers of the mobile phone operator to make credit cards unnecessary for making purchases on Google Play

Apple hires GoogleX lab co-founder Yoky Matsuoka

05 May 2016

Winner of the MacArthur "Genius Grant", Yoky Matsuoka is a leader in the field of neurorobotics, which combines robotics with how the human nervous system coordinates muscle and skeletal movements

Google, Fiat Chrysler tie up for driverless cars

By By Jagdeep Worah | 04 May 2016

Under the arrangement, Fiat Chrysler will provide Google with an initial 100 hybrid minivans built specifically to accommodate Google’s self-driving features. By Jagdeep Worah

Google acquires Synergyse to train Google Apps users

03 May 2016

Google in overdrive to make driver-less cars street legal

02 May 2016

Google has been joined by others like Ford, Uber and Volvo in pushing for “one clear set of federal standards” for autonomous or driverless cars to bring them on US roads as early as possible

Google applies to patent injectable device to replace natural lens in eye

30 Apr 2016

Google Street View car catches itself speeding

30 Apr 2016

Motorola ex-chief Rick Osterloh joins Google

29 Apr 2016

Google joins carmakers to push for speedy adoption of autonomous cars

27 Apr 2016

Google, Facebook, Cisco at risk of sinking – literally

25 Apr 2016

Tech giants Microsoft Corp and Google smoke peace pipe

23 Apr 2016

Google's parent Alphabet’s Q1 profit fails to impress at $4.21 billion

23 Apr 2016

Google's holding company Alphabet said the costs of traffic acquisition, or what it pays to other web sites for ad space totaled $3.8 billion and accounted for 21 per cent of advertising revenues during the quarter

Google remains India’s most attractive employer

21 Apr 2016

Google study reveals 760,935 sites hacked in 1 year

20 Apr 2016

Bing is safer than, suggests Google itself!

20 Apr 2016