Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs to build “digital city”: Report

18 Apr 2016

Google extends free Wi-Fi to 10 railway stations

16 Apr 2016

Google’s near-free service in Kansas leaves many questions

11 Apr 2016

Google launches health cards in India to allow users to access health information

06 Apr 2016

Google pulling the plug on Wallet Card

01 Apr 2016

Google draws user ire over failed April Fool’s Day prank

01 Apr 2016

Google plans to launch Fiber Phone service with unlimited domestic calling

30 Mar 2016

Oracle demands $9.3 bn in damages for use of Java in Android

29 Mar 2016

Google to launch updated security warning system for Gmail users

26 Mar 2016

Google Glass promises breakthrough in organ monitoring

23 Mar 2016

Google’s parent Alphabet to sell robotics company Boston Dynamics

18 Mar 2016

US defence organisations like Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps and private companies like Sony consult Boston Dynamics on creating advanced robots

Apple takes part of iCloud to Google Cloud Platform

17 Mar 2016

Google reveals 77% encryption of its online traffic

16 Mar 2016

Google joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project, proposes new design for server racks

10 Mar 2016

Google hires 4chan's Chris Poole

08 Mar 2016

Google building secret transmitter at Spaceport America

05 Mar 2016

Thinking it’s hacked Google, ISIS hits small Indian website

04 Mar 2016

Google’s self-driving car involved in bus accident at Silicon Valley street

01 Mar 2016

Facebook, MS, Google to back Apple decryption battle

27 Feb 2016

The internet giants, normally in fierce competition, plan a joint motion against the FBI demand that Apple create a backdoor entry into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters, as they all share similar privacy concerns

Google confirms plan to bring Google Fiber to San Francisco

25 Feb 2016

Google setting up first Asia-focused hub in Singapore

20 Feb 2016

Google gives thumbs-down to its own Google+

19 Feb 2016

Gmailify offers Gmail features to Yahoo, Outlook users

19 Feb 2016

‘Project Loon’ balloon crashes in Lanka; Google unfazed

19 Feb 2016

Project Loon: Alphabet’s ‘captain of moonshots’

17 Feb 2016