Google's US - Japan undersea cable commissioned

04 Jul 2016

Google’s underwater internet cable activated

30 Jun 2016

Google upgrades mapping service via Landsat 8 satellite

30 Jun 2016

EU brings third charge against Google's ad tactics

29 Jun 2016

Google chief Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked

28 Jun 2016

Boston Dynamics releases video introducing SpotMini quadruped robot for domestic use

27 Jun 2016

Google launches app-development course for the uninitiated

24 Jun 2016

Google Fiber acquires San Francisco ISP Webpass

23 Jun 2016

Google enables users to access email accounts with a smartphone instead of a password

21 Jun 2016

Google India claims 1.5 mn users for its high-speed Wi-Fi at 19 railway stations

21 Jun 2016

Chromecast shipments surpass Apple TV for the first time: IHS

11 Jun 2016

Chromecast at $35 offered great value for money, especially when compared to the likes of Apple TV which retailed for $149

India says ‘no’ to Google Street View

10 Jun 2016

Google ties up with Tata Trust for rural internet initiative

09 Jun 2016

Google teaches self-driving cars how to honk

03 Jun 2016

India’s e-retailing to be worth $60 bn by 2020: Google-Kearney

01 Jun 2016

Toyota to buy Google's robotics sibling Boston Dynamics: reports

30 May 2016

Google wins court battle against Oracle over Java

27 May 2016

A US jury ruled that Google’s use of elements of Oracle’s Java technology to develop its Android software did not violate copyright law

Will Google’s next Android OS be Neyappam? It’s up to you!

27 May 2016

Google to open Detroit office for self-driving cars

26 May 2016

Google’s Paris HQ raided over tax evasion, money laundering

25 May 2016

Cracking down on ‘transfer pricing’, French authorities say the software giant is suspected of evading taxes by failing to declare the full extent of its activities in the country

Google, Oracle present closing arguments in Java API case

24 May 2016

Google’s new messaging app Allo draws criticism over privacy concerns

23 May 2016

Google’s modular phone to debut next year

21 May 2016

Google’s Project Ara is set to deliver a modular handset, the first phone manufactured by Google next year

Levi’s-Google jacket – the last word in wearable technology

21 May 2016

Simply touching or holding on the left cuff of the stylish jacket can change music tracks, answer or block calls, or access navigation information

Chromebook shipments outpace Apple’s Macs for the first time in most recent quarter: IDC

20 May 2016