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Subex Systems'' new brand signature highlights strategic focus news
Our Corporate Bureau
23 March 2006

Subex Systems Ltd has unveiled a new brand signature to better highlight its strategic business focus. The new brand signature introduces an ellipsis followed by the three italicised words, Powering the ROC. The company says that its new brand signature illustrates its solution focus in helping telecom operators establish the 'revenue operations centre (ROC). The combination of the ellipsis and italics denote a sense of urgency and forward motion, emphasising the company's recognition of the criticality of the ROC to an operator's business.

In an intensely competitive environment and under incessant pressure to increase average revenue per user and average margin per user, operators are seeking breakthrough business practices to ensure sustained, profitable growth. Operators are realising that in addition to acquiring new subscribers and offering new services, it is important to ensure that all accrued revenue from existing subscribers for the services used, is captured and realised. It is in this context that operators are increasingly turning to the idea of revenue maximisation.

Revenue maximisation is the business practices of continual optimisation of the revenue chain to increase revenue realised and reduce costs incurred. Subex says that it envisions ROC as a centralised and integrated operational infrastructure to monitor, control and assure the integrity of the revenue chain.

Dr Jerry Lucas, a thought-leader in telecommunications, in his column in Billing World & OSS1 magazine calls Subex's ROC as being "really on the mark." A recent Frost & Sullivan report suggests it as "an innovative approach to this key problem being experienced by the telcos".

According to Subash Menon, president & CEO, Subex System, "Subex has always been a thought leader in its chosen space and the new brand signature clearly articulates our vision of future. In search for better control over their revenue chain, operators have gone through assorted stages including ad-hoc, undefined processes to recognition of revenue maximization as an integrated organisational process. As operators seek to establish the ROC, Subex is well positioned to be their partner through its integrated suite of best-of-class solutions".

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Subex Systems'' new brand signature highlights strategic focus