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Suzuki Motor seeks injunction against 10 "Suzuki" brands news
Our Corporate Bureau
08 December 2005

Chennai: Organisations with the word Suzuki as part of the name could soon receive a legal notice from the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Japanese company has filed suits in the Delhi High Court against ten Indian companies for using the word `Suzuki' as trade mark or as part of their name. The ten companies are in varied businesses like finance, textile, manufacture, spinning and weaving.

The Suzuki Motor Corporation is seeking injunction against the use of the word `Suzuki' by these companies.

According to a release issued by Maruti Udyog Limited, the country's leading car maker, Suzuki Motor Corporation has permitted only two Indian companies - Maruti Udyog, and Suzuki Motor Cycle India Private Limited - to use the Suzuki brand and trade mark.

The Japanese company had earlier permitted its joint venture company with the TVS group to use the word `Suzuki' on the bikes manufactured and sold.

The ten companies against whom the Japanese company has filed the suits are in no way connected with Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Japanese company's contention is that the usage of the word `Suzuki' as the part of their name or as a trade mark creates an impression that they are connected to Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Earlier, on May 25, 2005 Suzuki Motor Corporation had filed a suit in the Delhi High Court against a proprietorship firm calling itself `Suzuki Motors' without the permission of the company. On May 27, 2005 the company successfully obtained an interim injunction restraining the said firm from using the word 'Suzuki' as part of its corporate name.

While the Indian company that was restrained was in the automobile business, it is doubtful whether the same logic would apply in restraining other companies that are not connected to Suzuki Motor Corporation's current business lines in India viz., automobile.

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Suzuki Motor seeks injunction against 10 "Suzuki" brands