Defence Research & Development Organisation

India starts work on Phase-II of missile defence system

18 May 2011

India conducting feasibility study for Regional Transport Aircraft

26 Apr 2011

DRDO clinches deal with US firm for explosives detection technology

26 Apr 2011

In a significant move, India’s premier defence establishment, the Defence Research and Development Organisation clinched a commercial deal for technology transfer of an explosive detection kit with an American firm.

EADS division Cassidian joins hands with DRDO on Indian AEW&C project

21 Apr 2011

DRDO to integrate AEW&C systems on EMB-145I aircraft in July

18 Apr 2011

India will begin integrating indigenously-built airborne early warning and control systems and components onto a customised Brazilian Embraer -145 aircraft from July.

DRDO chief Dr VK Saraswat inaugurates Microwave Tube Facility at BEL

12 Apr 2011

Negotiations on for production version of Kaveri engine: Antony

24 Feb 2011

India gearing up to meet cyber war threats: DRDO chief

12 Feb 2011

Nishant UAV clears tests, inducted by army

05 Feb 2011

Air-to-surface variant of BrahMos in 2012: Dr Sivathanu Pillai

31 Jan 2011

India to set up test ranges for electronic warfare systems

24 Nov 2010

With electronic warfare systems becoming an essential component of modern warfare, India is all set to set up two test ranges for radar-based electronic warfare (EW) systems.

DRDO to invest in Rs1,000-crore defence avionics facility

18 Nov 2010

India successfully test-fires air defence missile

26 Jul 2010

The short-range interceptor missile neutralised the target, breaking it into fragments, at an altitude of about 15 km.

DRDO chief slams import-happy armed forces

27 May 2010

Defence Research and Development Organisation chief, Dr VK Saraswat, has advised an import happy armed forces to try and curb their "temptation" to continually import latest weapon systems from abroad.

Overcome temptation to buy arms abroad, says DRDO chief

26 May 2010

Government announces major restructuring of DRDO

13 May 2010

Successful user trials of naval and land-based Prithvi ballistic missile

27 Mar 2010

India successfully test-fired a ship-based ballistic missile variant, 'Dhanush' and the land-based Prithvi-II missiles, which are capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear warheads.

Another BrahMos milestone –achieves supersonic manoeuvrability

22 Mar 2010

The vastly successful BrahMos supersonic cruise missile programme crossed another milestone achieving manoeuvrability at supersonic speeds – a complex technical task.

Snags force DRDO to postpone BMD test

15 Mar 2010

Now DRDO eyes 5,000 km, Agni-V

08 Feb 2010

With the Agni-III intermediate range ballistic missile recording three successful test flights in a row, DRDO scientists are now aiming for a larger goal – putting the 5,000 km Agni-V missile on the test-bed.

India readies to test China-specific Agni-III

02 Feb 2010

IAF orders another 750 Akash SAMs for Rs4,271.65 crore

02 Feb 2010

In a ringing endorsement for indigenously developed defence systems, the Indian Air Force has ordered an additional 750 Akash medium-range, surface-to-air missiles at a cost of Rs4,271.65 crore.

Astra BVRAAM missile test firing successful

11 Jan 2010

India successfully tested its prestigious ‘Astra’ BVR air-to-air missile today bringing it a step closer to operational induction. Another test is scheduled for later in the day.

DRDO lines up Agni-II and Agni-III tests for January 2010

21 Dec 2009

Tejas LCA to be powered by indigenous Kaveri engine

28 Nov 2009