Defence Research & Development Organisation

India to develop unmanned combat aerial vehicle: DRDO

26 Nov 2009

Night launch of the Agni-II to be attempted

23 Nov 2009

IAF conducts captive flight trials of indigenous Astra BVR air-to-air missile

02 Nov 2009

Missile man, Dr VK Saraswat, to head DRDO

28 Aug 2009

Eminent missile scientist Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat will be the new head of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Anti-tank Nag missile undergoes another successful round of tests

05 Aug 2009

3rd-gen Nag anti-tank missile completes successful user trials

08 Jul 2009

Indian Army takes delivery of first indigenously-built NBC Recce Vehicle

04 Jul 2009

Focus research on critical, high technology areas: Anthony tells defence scientists

22 Jun 2009

India tests ‘Swordfish’ radar with successful missile defence test

06 Mar 2009

In a third successful test of its ambitious missile defence programme, DRDO scientists have intercepted incoming ballistic "enemy" missile at an altitude of 75 km.  The test also validated long-range capabilities of its indigenously developed Swordfish radar.

AeroIndia 2009: After Tejas, medium combat aircraft on DRDO anvil

14 Feb 2009

AeroIndia 2009: International conference on UAVs in April

11 Feb 2009

The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) will hold an International Conference on Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (ICAUV 2009), a two-day residential conference in Bengaluru on 3-4 April 2009, to mark its Golden Jubilee.

Recession helps DRDO retain talent

04 Feb 2009

AeroIndia 2009: LCA Tejas to be inducted with international engines

04 Feb 2009

India's indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft Tejas programme will meet its December 2010 force induction deadline with imported engines even as the Kaveri engine programme is upgraded to meet future fighter aircraft programme requirements.

AeroIndia 2009: International seminar carving a niche for itself

By Akhila Thyli Hemanth | 04 Feb 2009

At a press conference on Tuesday DRDO chief M Natarajan highlighted the importance of the international seminar which precedes the AeroIndia 2009 air show and said the event had carved out a niche for itself on the international circuit

AeroIndia 2009: International seminar an important benchmark, says K Tamilmani

02 Feb 2009

In an exclusive with domain-b, K Tamilmani, chairman, organising committee of the international seminar, highlights the significance of the international seminar, which he says has become an important benchmark for the international aeronautical industry.

AeroIndia 2009: Overwhelming response for seminar, says Gp Capt SV Ashok

31 Jan 2009

In an exclusive with domain-b, Group Captain SV Ashok (retd), secretary, and the indefatigable organiser of the AeroIndia 2009 international seminar, highlights the work involved in organising such a prestigious show. View video

India gears up for next round of Ballistic Missile Defence tests

24 Jan 2009

India will conduct another round of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) tests next month, which will also include testing the indigenously developed "Swordfish" long-range tracking radar.

Tejas LCA crosses impressive milestone – logs 1,002 flights

23 Jan 2009

India's prestigious Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas programme logged an impressive milestone completing 1002 flights on Thursday.

India developing laser-based ballistic missile defence system

19 Jan 2009

India is on its way to develop an integrated, laser-based, ballistic missile defence system (BMD) that will intercept and destroy hostile missiles thousands of kilometres away.

Pentagon denies mulling sales of BMD systems to India

19 Jan 2009

A Pentagon official has denied that the US is mulling sales of any ballistic missile defence system to India or that Indian scientists have attended any test firings.

Indian Army's Arjun and Bhishma MBT's heads for summer time face-off

17 Jan 2009

India's first Phalcon AWACS system arrives ahead of schedule

15 Jan 2009

Even as tensions between India and Pakistan continue to simmer the first of three Israeli Phalcon AWACS aircraft has arrived ahead of delivery schedule.

New Delhi takes a close look at US missile shield system: report

08 Jan 2009

In a surprising revelation UK newspaper Financial Times says that Indian defence scientists may have been present at US BMD test firings in a bid to evaluate the system.

Rafael to supply SPYDER SAM systems to India

12 Dec 2008

The Indian defence ministry has confirmed that it has contracted with Israel's Rafael for the supply of the SPYDER SAM systems for the Indian Air Force.

India test fires Shaurya - new surface-to-surface missile

12 Nov 2008

India's DRDO sprung a pleasant surprise on the country today with a successful test firing of  'Shaurya,'  a previously unknown 600 km medium-range, surface-to-surface ballistic missile.