Defence Research & Development Organisation

India test fires Shaurya - new surface-to-surface missile

12 Nov 2008

India's DRDO sprung a pleasant surprise on the country today with a successful test firing of  'Shaurya,'  a previously unknown 600 km medium-range, surface-to-surface ballistic missile.

DRDO set to announce foreign partner for Kaveri jet engine

10 Nov 2008

'Astra' undergoes second successful test firing

16 Sep 2008

Indian Navy's follow-on submarine order to carry BrahMos cruise missiles

20 Aug 2008

Indigenously developed Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher test fired successfully

14 Aug 2008

GTRE may go with Snecma to help develop the Kaveri engine

04 Aug 2008

DRDO readying for next round of BMD tests - hypersonic 'interceptor' missiles to be tested

25 Jul 2008

Breakthrough for GTRE scientists – develop marine version of the Kaveri engine

17 Jul 2008

DRDO UAV Nishant undergoes successful pre-induction flight tests

20 Jun 2008

Second limited series production, Tejas LCA flies at supersonic speeds on maiden flight

17 Jun 2008

India to develop interceptor based missile-shield system

15 Jun 2008

DRDO seeks partners to co-develop Kaveri engine for LCA Tejas fighter jet: AK Antony

15 Jun 2008

India test fires improved Prithvi-II surface-to-surface missile

23 May 2008

India has acquired “state-of-the-art” submarine launched ballistic missile capability: DRDO

13 May 2008

India's Defence Research and Development Organisation has confirmed that it has acquired "state-of-the-art" submarine launched ballistic missile technology.

India to test 5,000 km range, Agni-IV IRBM at year-end

12 May 2008

Indian defence scientists are planning to test a long range 5,000km, intermediate range ballistic missile by the  end of the yearafter the second sucessful launch of the Agni III

Indian Navy to buy 6 more submarines; plans to induct N-sub

10 May 2008

Government looking at recommendations of DRDO Review Committee

23 Apr 2008

Agni-III test-firing likely by month-end

02 Apr 2008

Upgraded Agni-1 test fired successfully

24 Mar 2008

DRDO's AWACS project to be complete by 2011

12 Mar 2008

Sea-to-land version of the BrahMos cruise missile successfully tested

06 Mar 2008

India's Light Combat Aircraft programme completes more than 800 flight tests

05 Mar 2008

India conducts successful test of K-15 submarine launched ballistic missile

26 Feb 2008

 Hellman & Friedman acquires Getty Images for $2.4 billion

EADS offers to co-develop AESA radars with DRDO

26 Feb 2008

India can intercept and destroy objects in Space, say Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr VK Saraswat

25 Feb 2008