India's marine product exports fetched Rs30,213 crore in 2013-14

03 September 2014

India exported 9,83,756 tonnes of fish and fish products, worth Rs30,213.26 crore during 2013-14 against export of 6,78,436 tonnes worth Rs10,048.53 crore in 2009-10, Union Minister of Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh said.

Quoting figures from the 'Handbook on Fisheries Statistics-2014' released today, the minister said total fish production in the country during 2013-14 stood at 9.58 million metric tonnes, with included 6.14 million metric tonnes from inland sector and 3.44 million metric tonnes from marine sector.

He said inland fishing got a big boost with the introduction of `Vannamei', an exotic shrimp variety in 2009 along with guidelines framed for coastal aquaculture. 

The average growth in fish production during 2013-14 stood at 5.9 per cent, due mainly to a 7.3 per cent growth in inland aquaculture. The marine sector recorded a growth of 3.7 per cent during the period.

India is currently the second largest producer of fish. It is also world number two in aquaculture production as well as in inland capture fisheries.

The Handbook on Fisheries Statistics-2014, published by the department of animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries, provides information on year-wise fish production (both marine and inland) from 1978-79 to 2013-14, trend of exports, fisheries resources, fishing craft, per capita fish consumption pattern in different states/union territories, GDP from fisheries sector and its contribution to total GDP of the country, fisheries institutes, fishermen population and various schemes implemented for development of fisheries sector.

The fisheries sector is a source of livelihood for over 14.49 million people engaged fully, partially or in subsidiary activities related to the sector. Besides, an equal number of people are engaged in ancillary activities in fisheries and aquaculture. Development of fisheries can ensure nutritional security, food security as well as tackle unemployment in these regions that are predominately inhabited by rural populace.

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