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Australian governmentplans anti-dumping commission news
05 December 2012

The Federal Government has come out with a new anti-dumping commission, that would ensure imported goods were not sold in Australia below their manufacturing cost.

It said Australian products including steel, chemicals, aluminium goods and paper had been hit  by dumping in recent years.

Among the measures announced yesterday was giving an extra $24 million to the customs department so that the number of investigations into cases of dumping could be doubled.

Prime minister Julia Gillard did not specify which nations were responsible for dumping products in Australia, saying Australia faced dumping challenges from many nations so the move was not directed at any one country.

She added it was directed at ensuring that Australia's manufacturing businesses got a fair go and there was a cop on the beat that could enforce the rules.

According to home affairs minister Jason Clare, the measures would save Australian jobs.

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Australian governmentplans anti-dumping commission