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US anti-dumping probes annoys Chinanews
21 July 2007

Saying that the US anti dumping measures against China threatened bilateral relations, Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Wang Xinpei said, "The US government continues the mistake of imposing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures from time to time."

Wang said the move threatened Sino-US economic and trade ties and China would assert its rights as a WTO member if the United States continued the measures.

The spokesman was responding to the US commerce department saying earlier in the week that it would officially launch investigations into imports of light-walled rectangular pipes and tubes and laminated woven sacks used to package dog food, bird seed and other products.

Manufacturers of these products in the US had complained to the US government accusing Chinese manufacturers of unfair pricing.

Earlier in March and June this year the, the US commerce department had started anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations into Chinese coated free sheet paper and carbon steel tubes.

Wang said that these probes had aroused strong dissatisfaction among Chinesse businesses.

Wang said that since the US did not treat China as a market economy, resorting to anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures infringed US rules and tradition of not adopting anti-subsidy measures against non-market economies, being practiced for over two decades.

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US anti-dumping probes annoys China