Essential food and medicines being moved to Kerala as Rescue and Relief Operations continue

In a bid to address the availability of essential commodities in flood-ravaged Kerala, the department of consumer affairs yesterday dispatched 100 MT of pulses, while ministry of health airlifted 52 MT of emergency medicines followed a few hours later with another 20 MT. 

On Tuesday, 20 MT of bleaching powder and one crore chlorine tablets were sent, and 12 medical teams put on standby. No outbreak of disease has been reported so far.
The ministry of power has moved power equipment like electricity meters, coils, transformers etc. to restore the distribution network. Power generation has reached 2,600 MW
To restore communications connectivity, the department of telecom has made operational 77,000 (towers out of total 85,000 towers in the state). Out of 1,407 telephone exchanges, all barring 13 are now functional. DoT has put into operations helpline number 1948 to help trace missing persons.
The ministry of petroleum and  natural gas has supplied 12000 KL of kerosene. It said adequate arrangements have been made for distribution of LPG cylinders and aviation fuel has been made.
With regard to cattle fodder, 450 MT has been dispatched. Two lots of veterinary medicines have also been dispatched.
Railways have offered to supply required amounts of water and also transport relief material free of cost. Adequate quantities of milk and milk power have been made available by Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.