Bengaluru cheapest city in the world, Singapore most expensive

Bengaluru is ranked as the cheapest Asian city in the world whereas, and Singapore the most expensive one, a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2018 has said. 

The list of 133 countries also features Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai at 126th, 124th and 121st spot, respectively.
Globally Syria’s Damascus, Venezuela capital Caracas, Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Nigeria’s Lagos are the only cities that are cheaper than Bengaluru, which hold the 129th spot.
The survey is based on a comparison of more than 400 individual prices across 150 products and services. 
Chennai (126) and New Delhi (124) are among the 10 cheapest, while Mumbai is ranked at 121.
The survey says that Damascus and Caracus are cheapest because of their political scenario while, Bengaluru and other Asian cities in the list are structurally cheap.
It also added that Asia, which is a home to some of the most expensive and cheapest cities, continues to provide the best value for money.