Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty stabbed in his chamber

07 March 2018

In a shocking incident that highlights the extremities of security lapses in public offices, Karnataka Lokayukta, Justice P Vishwanath Shetty was stabbed several times in his chamber in the afternoon today.

Justice Shetty has been admitted to Bengaluru's Mallya hospital and is said to be in a stable condition. Police have arrested the perpetrator of the crime minutes after the attack, as the staff were quick to respond to the judge's call for help.

Chief minister Siddaramaiah who visited the hospital later, said that while the injuries suffered by the judge were grievous, doctors have announced that he is 'out of danger'.

Sources said judge Shetty was allegedly stabbed three times by one Tejas Sharma, an advocate from Tumkuru, according to the entry log at the Lokayukta entrance register.

The entry log also revealed the attacker had entered the premises on the pretext of meeting the assistant registrar of enquiries at around 12:45 PM.

He stalked Justice Shetty's office and since it was a lunch break and as there were not many people around, he allegedly walked in and attacked the Lokayukta.

The staff barged into the chamber when they heard a scream from inside and managed to apprehended the attacker and hand him over to the police.

Reports quoting sources said the attack was allegedly in retaliation to the Lokayukta's dismissal of a case the attacker had filed against a government official in the past.

Reports also said the metal detectors placed at the entrance of the Lokayukta office were found non-functional, which could probably have allowed the attacker to smuggle in a knife without being detected.

Dr Humera Sayeeba, medical administrator, Mallya Hospital, said, "His vitals are stable. We are still doing a CT Thorax Abdomen. Our general surgeon Dr Prakash Babu is treating him."

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