Modi flays UPA policies, country's regressive tax regime news
15 January 2014

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today hit out at the United Progressive Alliance government's economic policies and its taxation policies, even as he listed key areas such as education, industry, agriculture and services that the country needs to focus to ensure growth and progress.

Addressing an FICCI event, Modi emphasised the need to think out-of-the box for attaining progressive and inclusive growth. He said it was necessary for the government to restore confidence among investors and help them out of the ''gloomy environment.''

Modi said the industrial sector needs to come out of 'this gloomy environment'. "There is no dearth of opportunity for the industry in India," he said, adding, "If we want employment, we need development of industry"

Emphasising the need for imparting skills and education for manpower development, the minister said, "PM is very fond of inclusive growth but if we do not do capacity building among poor through education how can we make them skilled?" he asked.

Modi said, "ultimately one needs to empower the poor people in the country." We need to work towards their skill development," he added.

"Skilled manpower is key to the development of our nation in the coming years. We need to change courses keeping in mind the changing trends in technology," he opined.

To drive home his point, Modi cited the example of the Railways. "Railway needs quality manpower. Why cannot we think of dedicated railway universities? Why cannot we think of innovation in electronics sector," he asked.

On the plight of the small-scale industry, Modi said, "We have to make the common man a stakeholder in development. We need to build more small-scale industries. The small things need to be looked at to bring overall development."

On the health sector, he said, "Common man looks for cheap treatment. Indian hospitals are renowned in the world but the insurance process in India holds us back."

"If people know that we have the power to provide insurance, foreigners will come here to get treatment," he said.

He said, "Value addition becomes important for natural resources. Socialist slogans are good but is that helping anyone?" he asked.

"Trust, faith changes the situation in a nation. It builds a positive environment. We need to build trust across the country," he reiterated.

Modi said in addition to increasing productivity in the nation, the country needs to look at value addition. "There is a need for an integrated approach to development. Unless that comes, we will not progress," Modi said.

"The amount of land is not increasing but actually decreasing with population increase. Value addition is the best combination in service and agriculture sector," he said.

According to Modi, in terms of purchasing power, agriculture and services sector are very important. "Agriculture and service sectors are the pillars of our economy. Our focus should be to increase productivity in the nation," he said.

"Mahatma Gandhi said that one should think of how the last person in the line would gain. On those lines we need to think on purchasing power of poorest," he added.

According to Modi, leadership is of importance. "Leadership matters a lot. Is there determination and will to take decision? The need of the hour is that we inspire people to find answers to these," he said.

Modi lamented the lack of proper planning and said, "We could have reached great heights if the governments at centre had planned well….There is a need to explore development opportunities for the next decade."

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Modi flays UPA policies, country's regressive tax regime