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Sugar Free D'lite launches TVC news
26 August 2010

Zydus Cadila has launched a new TV commercial for its low calorie soft drink substitute, Sugar Free D'lite.

The TVC, created by Rediffusion Y & R, opens in a café where a woman opens a bottle of juice and as she does so her jeans button pops open. The same series happens with other people in the café with buttons popping and flying about.

It then centres on a girl with a can of D'lite and as she opens the can, the buttons stop flinging about.

The idea behind the D'lite campaign is to communicate how drinking sugar-based soft drinks leads to bulging pot bellies, love handles and extra flab.

The creatives for the ad have been handled by Meenakshi Acchan, Anisha Sareen and Vihar Patkar while Lemon Yellow Sun is the production house.

Sugar Free D'lite is available in 500 ml pet bottle and 250 ml can and comes in different flavours lemon, orange, apple, passion fruit and peach.

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Sugar Free D'lite launches TVC