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Vodafone's `ZooZoos' doing the rounds news
27 April 2009

The advertisements are eye-catching with just white and black and funny –looking creatures. O&M has  created a new set of characters called 'ZooZoos' for the latest Vodafone campaign featuring value-added services.

The ad spots are highly visible during the IPL telecast.

Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, O&M, decided to create a special world of ZooZoos in which the product stories and services are told in a charming manner.

Prakash Varma of Nirvana film reveals that even though the ZooZoo characters look animated, they have been played by real people dressed in a white attire, making it a challenging task to depict real characters to look like animated characters. The set, including all the props, is in the form of shadows created by spray painting.''

The media mix for the campaign includes television, print, outdoor, radio activation and online. There is a ZooZoo community on Facebook which has around 3183 fans and which features all the ZooZoo commercials that have been released so far, ZooZoo emoticons and 'Tag me' application.

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Vodafone's `ZooZoos' doing the rounds