Videocon unveils new brand identity

The Rs5000-crore Videocon group is out with a new brand identity. The new logo was unveiled in San Francisco, by the Videocon brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan.

The brand now has changed its 'V' to a flowing style alongwith a new line -''Experience change'. According to the company, the new Videocon symbol reiterates the ethos of a company dedicated to maintaining the highest international standards of excellence through quality, technology and innovation.

The new symbol of Videocon asserts its passion for global impact, and the two 'E's on either side represent the Group's wide spectrum of interests ranging from 'Electronics to Energy'. Along with the steely glint, this communicates the group's global ambition, its strength, sterling credentials and innovative drive.

A symbol that proclaims a paradigm shift. A sign that represents the new force that is Videocon. Thus recapitulating our principle of reaching out and touching the lives of millions of people. Worldwide.
The company has decided to now focus on the premium segment and would now diversify into other related high-growth categories with the launch of its mobile services, handsets business and IDTV / D2H (in-built set-top box with single remote).

Videocon expects to double its turnover in the next couple of years, and a large part of the increase is expected to come from these high-growth segments. The brand will also be positioned to make a connect with the hearts and minds of young-at-heart consumers.

The earlier lines were: 'Technology for health and pleasure', 'Bring Home the Leader', 'New Improved Life', 'The Indian Multinational', 'Whatever role life gives you, play it big', as well as the most recent one, 'Eco Logic for sustainable life'.