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Philips, Swarovski introduce crystal clad USB drives news
16 August 2008

Philips and Swarovski have joined hands to introduce the ''active crystals'' collection. The collection comprises polished silver earphones and flashy USB drives to carter the need of women who are tech savvy but fashion conscious.
The companies have announced USB flash drives as an addition to their Active crystals collection. The new collection features five new products including Lock In and Lock Out, which have been designed to be attached to a key chain.

The heart-shaped models, Heart Wear and Heart Beat, where one half of the heart is silver and the other is crystal opens in half to revel the connector. The 1GB storage capacity can store up to 250 songs and 1000 photographs. The USBs  also feature a password protection facility including 256 bit AES encryption.

A significant amount of time is saved owing to the fast data transfer rate(read max 15MB/s ,writes max 30MB/s) with high speed USB 2.0.

The faceted full cut Happy Laura and Naughty Raymond USB drive robots are simple yet elegant pendents worn around on double chained necklace. This collection is priced about $223. Features include 2GB storage capacity and high data transfer with high speed USB 2.0(reads max 24MB/s and writes max 6MB/s). USB drive robots can store up to 500 songs and 2000 photographs.

Philips and Swarovski came together in March this year to launch the initial ''active crystals''  collection. The active crystals feature products that are designed to be more jewelery like and not like the standard mobile accessories.                                                                    
Swarovski is renowned worldwide for manufacturing crystal ''products of precision'' in many different forms and sizes.

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Philips, Swarovski introduce crystal clad USB drives