Nokia to become Lumia as Microsoft takes control

As a consequence of Microsoft's 2013 acquisition of Finnish group Nokia's mobile devices division, the Nokia brand-name will soon be phased out and replaced by Microsoft Lumia.

The new name echoes that of Nokia's Windows Phone device range sold since 2011.

Nokia France is among the first local divisions preparing to transition its social media accounts to the new name. "We are about to become Microsoft Lumia," the company announced on Facebook.

The Nokia name will not disappear entirely, as the company still exists as Nokia Networks, which focuses on networking, mapping and telecommunications infrastructure. Nonetheless, the disappearance of Nokia as a phone brand marks the end of an era.

The Finnish manufacturer was among the pioneers in the mobile phone industry, launching several models as early as the 1980s. More importantly, Nokia was also the world's top-selling mobile phone brand for around 15 years before being overtaken by Samsung in 2012.

Several Nokia phones released over this period were so popular that they are still regarded as symbols of their time (3310, 8110, etc.). But the brand quickly fell behind in the smartphone market led by Apple and Samsung.