Minshare unveils new corporate identity

Mindshare has unveiled its new corporate identity. MindShare will no longer have the upper case "S" previously used in its name - the company's name will be written Mindshare and not MindShare.

The redesign, developed in partnership with branding agency Moving Brands, coincides with the WPP agency's ongoing global restructure announced earlier this year - its first since launching more than ten years ago - and its intention to earn Mindshare the position of ''lead business partner'' for its clients.

The network's branding retains the signature colour purple, which was established at its inception, but includes a complete refresh of the agency's brandmark and visual identity. The new brandmark consists of a bespoke wordmark and Mindshare's new partner symbol.
The symbol has been created to reflect the structure and form of Mindshare's business. It shows two forms coming together to create a new, strong form reflecting Mindshare's partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies.

In visual form on the printed page, this will represent the agency's new simplified approach, re-engineering its structure from more than a dozen separate specialist departments to four integrated, collaborative groups: Client Leadership, Business Planning, Invention and The Exchange.

Ailsa Lochrie, Mindshare Worldwide marketing director, said: ''As part of Mindshare's drive to constantly reinvent itself and offer the best and most relevant service to our clients and as part of the ongoing network wide restructure we took this opportunity to reinvigorate our company identity both internally and externally. ''This new identity heralds our next stage of growth as a new model agency, one that acts as a marketing spine to our client's business, focusing on partnerships, consumer exchanges and collaborations.''

Dominic Proctor, chief executive of Mindshare Worldwide, said: ''When we launched we wanted to be the agency of the future. After 10 years that objective is stronger than ever. To prepare us for that future, today we unveil our new branding, which is further indication of our ambition indicated by our ongoing global restructure. ''This has been the result of input from our offices around the world and reflects the consistency of our global network, one of our greatest assets, and our continuing ambition to set the agenda in our market in partnership with our clients.''