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Interface Communications creates new ad for Scorpio news
25 March 2009

The Scorpio's fresh new look got the attention it deserved with the new Scorpio film conceptualized and developed by Interface Communications.

The film begins with a woman walking barefooted in the desert with wine glasses in her hand. She proceeds to push the wineglass into the sand and signal to someone in the distance. Just then a golf ball comes flying across the desert landing just next to the hole created by the wineglass. The camera pans to reveal the new Scorpio jumping over the top of a sand dune and stopping just next to the woman. A man dressed in a white dress shirt emerges with a golf club and putts it into the wine glass.

As soon as he does that we hear clapping from the distance and are shown five to six personnel from the man's security team clapping. The super goes on to announce 'The Mighty muscular Scorpio'

Conceptualised by Robby Mathew (NCD, Interface Communications), the film was shot by director Kunal Kapoor (Adfilmwallas) with cameraman Baba Azmi in the deserts near Dubai. ''The film takes you further into the fabulous life of the Scorpio man, as he cruises through life on his own terms. There are fantastic locations, beautiful women, the signature Scorpio drama, and you get a great clean look at the new exterior muscles''

Kunal Kapoor explains that since this film involved a lot less post-production than other Scorpio films, a lot more work went into making sure everything looked perfect on location.  Speaking on the challenges of shooting in the desert director Kunal Kapoor said ''It's a tough one. Sand - it's everywhere. It blows, it gets into everything. It gets into your equipment, your ears your nose, you eyes. You leave footprints and marks in the sand. So after every take is shot, you have to actually move and get another location. Because that sand is no longer virgin anymore.''

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Interface Communications creates new ad for Scorpio