Fujitsu acquires Quebec-based Intélec Géomatique

Fujitsu Consulting, the North American consulting and services arm of Fujitsu Limited, today announced that its Quebec-based division, DMR, has acquired IT, telecommunications and geomatics solutions and consulting services provider Intélec Géomatique, for an undisclosed sum.

This acquisition is in keeping with Fujitsu Consulting's long-term strategy to increase its presence in emerging markets and industry sectors and will enable the Japanese firm to expand its geomatics capabilities and to consolidate its position in the market.

"The acquisition of Intélec Géomatique will enhance the services Fujitsu Consulting provides in the areas of geomatics and land management, and in particular, cadastral management, land rights registration and municipal management," said André Pouliot, president of DMR in Quebec.

Pouliot said, "This acquisition will also allow us to expand our presence in a key North American market segment." Fujitsu Consulting will back these services with its own system integration and application management services.

Founded in 1992, Intélec Géomatique is a leader in geomatics solutions by providing high quality GIS development services and conducts projects for public and private sector organisations in Canada and abroad in a number of industry sectors including power and gas transmissions, telecommunications, land management, environment and natural resources (forestry, mines) and government departments and agencies.

DMR and Intélec Géomatique have been working together on a number of geomatics and land management projects for several years  and had partnered to implement GOcité, the first municipal infrastructure management software designed by and for cities and marketed by DMR.

DMR and Intélec Géomatique are also collaborating through GéoQuébec to export Quebec land management know-how to other markets which has resulted in geomatics projects having been carried out in Morocco, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

"We're proud to be teaming up with DMR and Fujitsu, a global IT leader, to leverage the expertise and leadership we have built in geomatics and land management," commented Serge Kéna-Cohen, president of Intélec Géomatique. "This will enable us to deliver our solutions and expertise to an even broader base of clients."