Fujitsu in talks to sell personal-computer business to Lenovo

06 Oct 2016

Fujitsu IaaS platform technology for on-demand physical servers

05 Jul 2013

Fujitsu unveils software to check pulse rate though smartphone camera

19 Mar 2013

Fujitsu unveils futuristic walking cane for the elderly

01 Mar 2013

The cane provides mobile navigation and health management services for the elderly who have difficulty leaving their homes but can now adopt an active lifestyle

Fujitsu Semiconductor achieves 2.5kW output in server power supply units

22 Nov 2012

Fujitsu Semiconductor  has successfully achieved high output power of 2.5kW in server power supply units equipped with gallium-nitride power devices built on a silicon substrate

Fujitsu Labs' compact optical transceiver technology double data speeds to 25 Gbps

31 May 2012

Japanese defence ministry developing search-and-destroy cyber virus

05 Jan 2012

The Japanese defence ministry has commissioned Fujitsu to develop a virus that can track, identify and disable a system used by cyber-attackers

Fujitsu launches Lifebook AH530 GFX model with advanced graphics

27 Aug 2010

Fujitsu releases one-touch internet access "Raku-Raku" mobile phone

22 Jul 2010

Anuj Kumar appointed VP HR, Fujitsu

31 May 2010

Fujitsu dramatically enhances colour electronic paper functionality

08 May 2010

Fujitsu, Symantec to boost global partnership

02 Feb 2010

Fujitsu unveils smallest multi-touch handheld PC, LifeBook UH900

02 Dec 2009

Fujitsu, Fuji Electric develop eco-friendly data centre technologies

29 Sep 2009

Fujitsu becomes among the first vendors to achieve multinational EPEAT certification

22 Aug 2009

Fujitsu's new supercomputer for RIKEN's up and running

08 Aug 2009

Infosys target Axon may invite rival bids from Fujitsu, NTTSoft, HCL

11 Sep 2008

Fujitsu launches ultra-mini LifeBook U2010

06 Sep 2008

Fujitsu increases storage mobility to 500GB

15 Jul 2008

Fujitsu acquires Quebec-based Intélec Géomatique

By Our Corporate Bureau | 07 Feb 2008

Fujitsu wins part of $1.5 billion Flag Telecom cable deal

By Our Corporate Bureau | 04 Sep 2007

Fujitsu bid for GFI may falter as Apax hikes stake

By Our Corporate Bureau | 06 Aug 2007

A new 24-hour store: Fujitsu's new 200 GB 2.5-inch 24x7 hard disk drive

By Our Corporate Bureau | 25 Jul 2007