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The business of Twenty20 cricket advertising - a Monday with dollar signs! news
24 September 2007

New Delhi: Broadcaster ESPN is set to reap a windfall with the ongoing ICC World Twenty20. Media planners have predicted a highest ever rating for the India-Pakistan final on Monday evening.

According to media planners, sports broadcaster ESPN could reap a small fortune of an additional Rs2 crore just from the 200-odd seconds of its inventory reserve. Pricing has reportedly hit a premium rate of Rs10 lakh for a 10-second spot, about five times higher than the rates at which ESPN sold spots for the other matches.

And what''s more, ESPN doesn''t need to offer discounts. If anything, the research ratings have revalidated the undoubted first position of an India-Pakistan cricket as the biggest entertainer on Indian television.

Earlier in the week, TAM Media Research showed figures to reward the ESPN Star cricket channels with about 47.2 per cent of all channels share for the Indo-Pak match, the one that finished in a tie on September 14.

According to Sundar Raman, managing director, MindShare, the TAM ratings for the Indo-Pak final are expected to touch a new high. He adds that he won''t be surprised it they happen to be the highest ever rating on Indian television yet.

The numbers also suggest that some audiences of popular musical contest / reality shows on other general entertainment channels such as Sony and Star TV had also migrated to cricket.

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The business of Twenty20 cricket advertising - a Monday with dollar signs!