BPL reiterates safety message

BPL Mobile is driving the 'Reach Home Safely' message this festive season. It's an extension to their campaign against 'Driving after Drinking' which is in its third year now.

With the strong belief that 'Christmas is about a birth, not death'', the campaign is only evolving, and this time it's not only about raising a concern, but it is also about providing a solution.

In a sincere attempt to take up their share of social responsibility for a safer Mumbai, BPL Mobile in mid-September had tied up with Hyderabad-based IMI Mobile to help Mumbai Police track offenders of traffic rules by drinking and driving.

This end to end solution enabled Mumbai Police instant access to the records of offenders at the site of offence, with their mobile phone.

Extending this effort BPL Mobile along with Party Hard Drivers has geared up to ensure that at least BPL Mobile subscribers, that account for two million Mumbaikars have a have a wonderful and hazard-free festive season.

The campaign discourages people to drive after drinking by urging them instead to choose to be driven by a chauffer from Party Hard Drivers.