WagonR mascot Mr WizeR comes to life

 In a first for the Indian automobile industry, a car brand will have its own mascot.  WagonR's mascot Mr WizeR will stand for everything that the brand WagonR stands for, including smartness and leadership. Shashank Srivastava, chief general manager (marketing), Maruti Suzuki, talks to Aruna Rathod about WagonR's new mascot.

Shashank Srivastava, chief general manager (marketing), Maruti SuzukiWhy did Maruti think of a mascot for a brand that's been around for so many years?
WagonR has developed into a strong brand and has undergone many positive transformations incorporating new features along the way. According to research, for the past 15 months, it is number one in its category in the country in sales volumes.

We want to position WagonR as a leadership brand not only in volume but in the customer satisfaction category as well.

The objective of this pioneering campaign is to revitalise the brand and beat the clutter with an innovative concept while communicating the core strength of the brand in the most effective manner.

Mr WizeR How did the idea of a mascot crop up? What are the qualities it will convey?
We did a lot of research, checked out the brand positioning, the brand tracks; and then we consolidated it. A lot of internal study, market research was done before giving the final shape to the mascot. (See: WagonR to have a mascot)

Mr WizeR is an embodiment of all values the brand WagonR stands for. We want to register this in the mind of the customer.

Mr. WizeR's personality is that of someone who is smart, intelligent, thoughtful, and knows how to get things done. He stands apart from the crowd and has a prominent individuality. He evaluates and takes his own smart decisions. He is friendly, informed and reliable. He can find smart solutions to tough problems with ease.