Ricky Ponting is the new brand ambassador for Valvoline Cummins

New Delhi: Automotive lubricants maker Valvoline has appointed the Australian cricket team''s captain Ricky Ponting as its brand ambassador.

According to Naveen Gupta, managing director of Valvoline Cummins, "Valvoline today stands for superb performance and reliability. Ricky Ponting epitomises the Valvoline brand''s ideology of high performance, reliability and leadership.

Valvoline Cummins also launched a new engine oil for four-stroke motorcycles, christened Champ 4T, and positioned as the ideal engine oil for all 4-stroke motorbikes where 20W40 viscometrics have been recommended. Champ 4T claims to provide strong heat resistance while simultaneously maintaining a cleaner engine, and reducing valve train wear.

In India, Valvoline operates through a joint venture with Cummins Sales and Services.