Faulty processes to topple 10 global 2000 companies by 2014: Gartner

Between now and year-end 2014, overlooked but easily detectable business process defects will topple 10 Global 2000 companies, says Gartner 

Between now and year-end 2014 an intensifying focus on process-related skills, competencies and competitive differentiators will increasingly separate process excellence leaders from the laggards among the Global 2000, according to Gartner, Inc.

Gartner says it has identified some of its key predictions for business process management (BPM) in 2011 and beyond. ''A key theme in our BPM predictions for 2011 is the rising focus on making business process improvement (BPI) a core competency of the organisation - and on the capabilities and tools required to gain that competency,'' says John Dixon, research director at Gartner.

''Increasing process skills in the Global 2000 will further separate the companies with enlightened process experts from those that are simply competent in the basics - and will intensify the negative repercussions and devastating consequences from public exposure of process weakness,'' he added.

Dixon added that the practices, tools and resources that organisations will increasingly harness to boost their process excellence include business process competency centres (BPCCs), which Gartner expects to be adopted within the majority of organisations by 2012. 

''Those who embrace BPM can do things that others cannot,'' said Dixon. ''While this is true in 2010, by 2014, BPM will clearly deliver benefits to those who have the competencies, and deny a peaceful sleep to those who do not.'' Other key BPM predictions for 2011 include: