Innovation, customer satisfaction and quality ranked high by Indian companies

Indian companies rank innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, integrity and excellence as the top 5 corporate values.

An 11-country survey of 3,700 companies, conducted by ECCO International Communications network, a global network of independent communications consultancies, reveals that in India, environment continues to receive low priority and is ranked 14 as compared to 5 internationally. Conducted by Ecco International, a global network of independent communications consultancies network, the survey covered Austria, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the UK, Ukraine and the US. In a statement Ecco said, "More and more companies around the world have adopted formal statements of corporate values and managements routinely identify values as a top issue on their companies' agenda."

The top 10 Corporate Values in India as well as internationally are:

India Corporate Values Index 2009 International Corporate Values Index 2009
Rank Value per cent Rank Value per cent
1 Innovation 44 per cent 1 Quality 40 per cent
2 Customer Satisfaction 43 per cent 2 Innovation 39 per cent
3 Quality 42 per cent 3 Customer Satisfaction 26 per cent
4 Integrity 35 per cent 4 Integrity 19 per cent
5 Excellence 21 per cent 5 Environment 18 per cent
6 Respect 15 per cent 6 Social Responsibility 17 per cent
7 Ethics 15 per cent 7 Success 16 per cent
8 Social Responsibility 14 per cent 8 Know-how 16 per cent
9 Human Resource Development 14 per cent 9 Accountability 15 per cent
10 Team Spirit 13 per cent 10 Team Spirit 13 per cent

A comparison  with a similar survey three years ago in 2006 shows that quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, integrity and environment continue to be the top five values globally. However, there has been a significant increase in companies adopting more 'societal' values like social responsibility, environment and sustainable development among other values.

An interesting feature of the survey is the importance that Indian companies accord to the quality of their people with HRD now ranked among the top 10 values.

The survey was conducted by the members of Ecco International Network, which studies the corporate values and its impact on the various publics and adopts a value-based approach to make corporate communications consistent and successful on a long-term basis.

Pressman PR, the ECCO member in India, conducted the survey among 357 companies in India. Pressman PR is the specialist public relations division of Pressman Advertising Ltd.