Anonymous: No net outage on Saturday news
31 March 2012

After reports appeared in the media that hackers allegedly associated with a group called Anonymous, planned to shut down internet on 31 March, the group, on its Twitter account, from where it communicates with the world, has denied the reports.

"What is this #OperationGlobalBlackout nonsense? I thought we settled this back in February? It won't happen. Stop asking us about it! >.<," the group's account (@youranonnews) tweeted on March 29.

Another account (@AnonymousIRC), added, "Dear Netizens, Internet will remain online. And to the death we will defend it. Always. Sail strong and do not get distracted by trolls."

The rumour that hackers associated with Anonymous were planning to shut down the internet gained credence on Friday after Interpol's secretary general, Ronald K Noble was quoted as saying that the threat was real.

He is reported to have told news agency IANS in New Delhi that Operation Global Blackout 2012 looked to shut down the internet for a whole day tomorrow (Saturday) by disabling its core DNS servers, making websites inaccessible.

A loosely knit group of hackers, Anonymous, had attacked government and corporate websites protesting what they perceived as injustice. The group had even played a role in keeping the web working for protestors in Middle East last year when countries like Egypt and Tunisia shut down the internet after widespread protests.

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Anonymous: No net outage on Saturday