RIM launches PlayBook in India news
23 June 2011

Research In Motion has introduced an enterprise-friendly tablet, which is only as it should be given the company's focus on the business segment.

The BlackBerry PlayBook, launched in India today, comes with a number of striking multimedia capabilities; but there can be no denying the fact that it is pitched at the professionals given the features it packs.

The PlayBook is priced at Rs27,990 for the 16 GB version, Rs32,990 for 32 GB and Rs37,990 for 64 GB.

The PlayBook tablet can support multiple users without their data or security being compromised in any way.

"You can tether your BlackBerry to the tablet with the BlackBerry Bridge application and use the combination to deliver PowerPoint presentations, check business data or e-mail. All user data will be wiped off the tablet and saved on the phone as soon as the Bluetooth-based tethering ends.
"PlayBook offers the same level of encryption as any BlackBerry device, so security is never compromised," Advait Vaidya, RIM's head of product management in India, said.
Additionally, the device would conform to the administrator rules of the company, as it would need to use the BlackBerry or office Wi-Fi to go online. While this may be seen as a major negative by some, on the bright side, users would not need another connection or data plan to run the device.
"The PlayBook is an incredibly powerful and innovative product in the growing tablet marketplace. It's perfect for both large organisations and individuals, and it gives users an unmatched mobile experience," said Frenny Bawa, managing director, India - Research In Motion.
On being tethered to the PlayBook, users can access their email, calendar, address book and task list, documents to go and BBM on the tablet. BlackBerry Tablet OS, powered by QNX technology, allows the PlayBook to run a host of enterprise applications like the SAP Dashboard to allow users to look at sales figures on the go. It also supports full video conferencing, which allows business meetings to move out of the conference room.

According to analysts, PlayBook would find ready acceptance among BlackBerrry loyalists as it is an ideal larger-screen extension of the cult smart phone.

The PlayBook is also a powerful tablet for gaming and video, and can play full-HD content without a whimper.

The PlayBook will be distributed nationally through Redington India and Ingram Micro, starting with 1000 retail stores across eight cities. It would then expand to other parts of the country.

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RIM launches PlayBook in India