Don't spend blindly on internet marketing efforts news
07 December 2011

Continuing her exposition of the common pitfalls and misconceptions encountered during online marketing, Amy Munice of ALM Communications Inc points out the importance of adapting

Amy Munice Is online marketing strength enough to win? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. For some companies –especially locally-based companies in parts of the world where e-commerce is well developed – it is often all that is needed.

But for other companies, often trying to reach consumer markets that are often not fully ''online'', approaches need to differ. This is and especially true for B2B companies serving niche markets worldwide.

So how you need to approach internet marketing and whether, if, or how to assign a significant portion of your budget to offline marketing is often a complex decision.

As a simple example, if you are selling computer accessories in Mumbai or London or New York - whether to businesses or consumers - your customer prospects are highly likely to be sourcing information about your products online.

It will vary though in these diverse locales, in terms of how much or how little and which social networks will be reaching them on the web and how these online social networks will be affecting your site's visibility to online searchers.

Social networks are reported to be more important in terms of the ever-changing brew of the way search engines determine how they display information on searchers' pages.

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Don't spend blindly on internet marketing efforts