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Big Animation brings out Little Krishna' animated series news
23 June 2009

Big Animation, a leading animation studio in India, has successfully animated magical worlds of the new Little Krishna animated series with Autodesk suite of software.

A joint production between The India Heritage Foundation and Big Animation, the series marks the first time that Nick International (Nickelodeon) has acquired a series produced in India.

"The best animation talent in India has grown up using Autodesk Maya," said Ashish SK, CEO Big Animation.

"Since Maya is our 3D platform we're able to recruit the industry's top artists. Maya is our lifeline for production. As well, product interoperability and the excellent support we receive from Autodesk are some of the main reasons we continue to rely on Maya, Smoke and Flame."

A family-friendly entertainment series, Little Krishna unfolds the chronicles of a beloved prankster and his metamorphosis into India's legendary heritage character.

More than 300 characters are featured in the series. Big Animation relied on its Maya-centric pipeline to efficiently build, animate and manage the signature characters and detailed scenery that make this programme unique.

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Big Animation brings out Little Krishna' animated series