Soft drinks

Coca-Cola to split North American business in two

13 Dec 2013

India strong enough to support PepsiCo’s growth: Indra Nooyi

16 Nov 2013

GSK in talks to sell Lucozade, Ribena soft drinks to Suntory

06 Sep 2013

British soft drink makers Britvic and AG Barr terminate merger

12 Jul 2013

Coca-Cola to introduce 250 ml cans

08 Jul 2013

Environmental group finds unacceptable levels of carcinogen in Pepsi

06 Jul 2013

PepsiCo in talks to buy Israel's SodaStream for $2 bn: report

06 Jun 2013

Coca-Cola to spend $2 bn on new orange groves in Florida

08 May 2013

The Coca-Cola Co, which owns Minute Maid and Simply juice brands, plans to spend $2 billion on planting of 25,000 acres of new orange groves in Florida

US judge strikes down ban on sugary drinks

12 Mar 2013

Coca-Cola faces consumer lawsuit over mis-labelling Orange Juice

02 Mar 2013

British regulator stymies $2.2-bn Britvic - A G Barr merger

15 Feb 2013

Rising demand pushes up revenues 4.8 per cent at Pepsi's UK unit Britvic

24 Jan 2013

PepsiCo to double potato procurement in India

06 Dec 2012

Coca-Cola Hellenic to exit Greece, seek UK, US listing

12 Oct 2012

Britvic-Barr merger faces no threat from rival bidder: Analysts

07 Sep 2012

PepsiCo follows arch rival Coca Cola to Myanmar

11 Aug 2012

Coca-Cola to invest $5-bn in India

26 Jun 2012

Coca-Cola has recently announced huge investments in emerging markets in order to expand its presence in the region

Coca Cola to resume business in Myanmar after 60 years

15 Jun 2012

Coca-Cola Amatil in deal with global brewers

15 May 2012

Japanese brewer Asahi to acquire local soft drinks giant Calpis for $1.5 bn

08 May 2012

Coca-Cola sales beat analysts estimates as sales soar in India, elsewhere

19 Apr 2012

Resignation-hit Pepsico rejigs top Indian management

22 Mar 2012

US FDA dismisses claims of cancer risk from colas

06 Mar 2012

Tata-Pepsi JV NourishCo launches enriched water

09 Feb 2012

Coca-Cola posts $1.65 billion net income for Q4

08 Feb 2012