Soft drinks

Coke, Pepsi rebut reports of unsafe metals in their PET bottles

07 Oct 2016

Energy drinks could heighten risk of drink driving, study warns

30 Sep 2016

San Francisco to vote on tax on sugary drinks

29 Sep 2016

Mexico’s Coca-Cola Femsa to buy Brazilian Coke bottler Vonpar for $1.08 bn

26 Sep 2016

Baba Ramdev, RSS lobbying for ‘sin tax’ on Coke, Pepsi: report

17 Sep 2016

The two ‘swadeshi warriors’ are said to be putting pressure on the finance and health ministries to impose a heavy tax on beverage companies selling products with high sugar content

Soda tax linked to drop in sugary beverage drinking

24 Aug 2016

Coca-Cola halts Dasna plant in UP amidst pollution probe

20 Aug 2016

Like elsewhere, Coca-Cola’s Dasna bottling plant also allegedly contaminates groundwater meant for farmers, pollutes the soil and discharges untreated sewage maligning the environment

Consumer group accuses UK supermarkets of promoting obesity with ‘special offers’ on fizzy drinks

05 Aug 2016

‘Selfie culture’ hurting sales of colas, candies in rural India

13 Jul 2016

Sales slump makes Pepsi bring back aspartame

28 Jun 2016

Ambev SA to buy Brazilian beverage producer Do Bem

27 Apr 2016

Diet Coke, Coke Zero to regain splash of original red

21 Apr 2016

Coca-Cola has announced a shift in branding that focuses on redesigning the cans of Diet Coke, Coke Zero and the Stevia-sweetened Coke Life to contain more of the brand’s red colouring

Pepsi launches 150 ml can, set for marketing blitz

14 Mar 2016

Health drink proves its claim to help Alzheimer’s patients

12 Mar 2016

A daily drink which manufacturers say can ‘manage’ Alzheimer’s disease does actually stop the brain from shrinking, a two-year clinical trial has shown

PepsiCo inks pact with Maharashtra to use local fruits

17 Feb 2016

Coca-Cola acquires 40% stake in Nigerian juice and snack maker Chi Ltd

01 Feb 2016

Coke, Pepsi funded research exonerating diet sodas

19 Jan 2016

A study highlighting the supposed benefit of diet drinks was funded by an institute whose members include Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – which it did not disclose in a press release announcing its findings

Coke, Pepsi unhappy at being clubbed with tobacco for ‘sin tax’

12 Dec 2015

Eighteen villages in Varanasi want local Coca-Cola plant shut

28 Nov 2015

Coca-Cola exploits groundwater at the expense of the poor, the women, children, farmers and livestock who have to live with less water because Coca-Cola mines groundwater in a water scarce area for profit

Coke under fire for funding non-profit health outfit

25 Nov 2015

The soft drink giant’s chief health and science officer Rhona Applebaum has resigned following revelations that Coca-Cola Co funded research that downplays the role of sugary drinks in obesity

One energy drink may increase heart disease risk in young adults

16 Nov 2015

University of Colorado returns $1-mn to Coca-Cola

07 Nov 2015

Aion invests Rs 600 crore in Varun Beverages

10 Oct 2015

PepsiCo, BCCI in talks to avoid snapping ties

10 Oct 2015

PepsiCo seems keen to disassociate itself from the scandal-hit Indian Premier League, but the Indian cricket board is not too worried as it is confident of finding other sponsors

Soda tax boosts retail prices of sugary drinks: study

07 Oct 2015