Soft drinks

Can that cola: soft drinks hazardous to health

01 Oct 2015

Coca-Cola to sell nine US production facilities to independent bottlers

25 Sep 2015

Coke funding research to downplay colas' role in US' obesity epidemic

10 Aug 2015

To save sugary beverages of the blame for the bulge, some  researchers are now arguing that the sedentary lifestyle in the US is more to blame for the obesity epidemic

Tesco to stop selling popular sugary children’s drinks

29 Jul 2015

Tesco to stop selling popular sugary children’s drinks

27 Jul 2015

Doctors join call for sugar tax on drinks

13 Jul 2015

Do energy drinks pose a health risk?

30 Jun 2015

A recent survey by the US government found that the number of people seeking emergency care after drinking energy beverages doubled in a recent four-year period, in which energy drinks saw a significant increase in popularity

NBA drops Coke, signs up Pepsi as exclusive beverage

15 Apr 2015

New study points to possible carcinogen in soda

23 Feb 2015

Coke introduces premium milk drink with more protein

04 Feb 2015

As consumers cut down on sugary drinks, Coke is diversifying its offerings with a premium milk product with high protein and low sugar content

Coke raises sexism storm by using cheesecake to sell milk

02 Dec 2014

SABMiller Plc, Coca-Cola to merge soft drinks bottling operations in Africa

27 Nov 2014

Coca-Cola to invest $500 mn in Indonesia to expand Amatil

30 Oct 2014

Coca-Cola plans to cuts costs by $3 bn a year

22 Oct 2014

Coca-Cola plans to cut costs by $3 billion a year following dismal sales and flat volume growth

PepsiCo earnings beat forecast as India sales grow in double digits

13 Oct 2014

Modi wants Coke, Pepsi to add a bit of fruit juice in their fizzies

25 Sep 2014

Coke launches sugar-free beverage Coca-Cola Zero in India

20 Sep 2014

Coca-Cola to pay $2.15 bn for 16.7% stake in Monster Beverage

16 Aug 2014

Coca-Cola will swap its energy drinks portfolio to Monster, which would become its exclusive energy drinks unit, for its non-energy brands

Starbucks in talks to buy minority stake in Israel’s SodaStream

24 Apr 2014

US Supreme Court trashes Coke’s description of its juice as being real

22 Apr 2014

Coca-Cola posts better-than-expected quarterly revenue

16 Apr 2014

Coca-Cola Co posted better-than-expected quarterly revenue as it increased spending on marketing and advertising, driving up sales in emerging markets

Coke’s biggest bottling arm in India posts lowest sales in 3 years

10 Feb 2014

GMCR to market Coke beverages after 10% stake sale for $1.25 bn

06 Feb 2014

Under their 10-year agreement, both companies  agreed to collaborate on the development and launch of Coca-Cola’s global products in GMCR’s upcoming Keurig Cold at-home beverage system

Coke seeks better growth in India with $20-bn investment plan

23 Dec 2013

Coca Cola India expects to get back to double-digit growth in the country over the next year, with a planned investment of $20 billion by 2020

Work begins on PepsiCo's Rs1,200-cr plant in Andhra

21 Dec 2013

The new plant will manufacture a range of beverages, including fruit juice based drinks, carbonated soft drinks and sports drinks